Local Ingredients


$13 Wasabi Crab Timable

Crab meat, wasabi citrus aioli, cucumber, arugula salad

$9 Vegetable Stuffed Portobello

Soy ginger dressing (V)

$8 Soup & Bread Tasting Plate

3 of chefs soups, bialy bread,  grilled baguette

$8 Goat Cheese Crostini

Crispy French bread, goat cheese, roasted tomato, arugula, EVOO.

$13 Crispy Calamari

Citrus caper aioli, herbed sea salt, micro arugula.

$10 Short Rib Tacos

Soft tortilla, French onion aioli, roasted tomato jam, cilantro, crispy onions.

$11 Seared Peppered Tuna

Avocado mousse. (GF)

$13 Chili Shrimp

Lightly battered shrimp, creamy chili sauce, wakame salad.

$10 Honey Bay Wing Bites

Smoked blue cheese dip. (GF)

$8 Fresh Mozzarella

Orange and tomato, basil, garlic, EVOO, balsamic reduction. (GF)

$9 Dippy plate

Guacamole, hummus, buffalo chicken, tortilla chips, pita chips

$8 Scottish Salmon Carpaccio

Thin sliced Scottish salmon, capers, lemon zest, EVOO, parmesan, micro arugula. (GF)

$5 French Onion Soup


$16 Pan Roasted Airline Chicken Breast

Antibiotic, free range, Delaware raised chicken breast, pan butter gravy, herbed sea salt, arugula salad

$14 Vegetable Ratatouille

Pan roasted vegetables, rich tomato sauce, herbed sea salt, crispy leeks (V)

$13 Grecian Delight Burger

Pat La Frieda beef burger, spinach, feta cheese, tomato, roasted peppers

$11 Chop-Chop Salad

Mixed lettuces, grilled chicken, tomato, cucumber, hard boiled egg, carrot, balsamic vinaigrette

$13 Wasabi Crab Timable

Crab meat, wasabi citrus aioli, cucumber, arugula salad

$9 Vegetable Stuffed Portobello

Soy ginger dressing (V)

$8 Soup & Bread Tasting Plate

3 of chefs soups, bialy bread,  grilled baguette

$14 Surf and Turf Burger

Pat La Frieda beef burger, crispy chili tossed shrimp, shredded lettuce.

$13 The Hangover Burger

Pat La Frieda beef burger, fries, honey bay bacon, sunny up egg, sriracha hollandaise

$12 Pub Burger

Pat La Frieda beef burger, white American, lettuce, tomato, French onion aioli, potato roll.

$12 Crispy Cod Sandwich

Hand battered cod, chipotle tartar sauce, pickled red onions, lettuce, potato roll.

$12 Ahi Tuna Wrap

Pepper seared, avocado, crispy cabbage, lettuce, roasted tomato, cucumber.

$12 Turkey Sandwich

Slow roasted all natural turkey, sliced tomato, lettuce, avocado, served on crisp stuffing waffle.

$10 Arugula Salad

Warm fingerling potatoes, crispy pork belly lardons, pickled red onion, roasted tomato, ale mustard vinaigrette

$8 Caesar Salad

Crispy romaine, house Caesar dressing, croutons, roasted tomatoes.

(Add grilled chicken $4 or grilled Scottish salmon $5)

$12 Short Rib Grilled Cheese

Braised beef short rib, pickled red onions, horseradish chive cheddar, French onion jus (for dipping).

$12 P.B.B.L.T

Grilled pork belly, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, pesto aioli, toasted Italian bread.

$13 Cali Style Salmon Tacos

Grilled Scottish salmon, Thai red curry aioli, cilantro, shredded cabbage, toasted black sesame.

$11 Smashed Meatball Sliders

Fresh mozzarella, roasted tomato jam, basil.

$14 Cavatelli and Meatballs

Bone marrow infused tomato sauce, shaved parmesan, crispy basil.

$18 Pan Seared Cod

Baby clams, chorizo sausage, green onion, garlic, roasted tomato butter broth.

$17 Soy Ginger Salmon

Maple soy ginger glaze, sesame seasoned cabbage and Brussel sprout ‘noodles’.

$15 Fried Chicken

Mac and cheese waffle, five spice maple syrup, hand cut fries.

$18 Flat Iron Steak

Coffee and chili rubbed, Brussel sprouts, pickle red onion, jerk seasoned fried fingerling potato.

$17 Galway Bay Fish and Chips

Fresh cod, crispy batter, chipotle tartar sauce, fresh cut chips, lemon.


$9 Eggs Any Style

Two eggs any way, choice of meat, breakfast potatoes and toast.

$9 Skinny Root

Two poached eggs, fresh fruit and toast

$1 Dollar Pancakes

Topped with butter, whipped cream, and maple syrup. Choice of Toppings (25¢ Per Pancake) Chocolate chips, banana, M&Ms, pecans, Nutella, bacon or Heath Bar.

$7 French Toast

Brioche bread dipped in a rich vanilla batter topped with whipped cream and caramel.

Straight Up $7

Chocolate N’ Nutella $10

Banana N’ Caramel $10

Philly French Toast $12 Stuffed with sweet Philly cream cheese, strawberry jam & berries.

Bailey’s™ French Toast $12 Nutella-stuffed French toast with Bailey’s™ Irish Cream caramel sauce.

$10 Omelets

Choose up to 3 toppings. Served with breakfast potatoes & toast.

Choice of Toppings (Add. 75¢ Each) Spinach, onions, mushrooms, peppers, diced tomatoes, Jalapeño peppers, bacon, sausage, ground beef, provolone, three-cheese blend, or fresh mozzarella.

$15 Gups Whale

Two eggs any way, choice of meat, two buttermilk pancakes, one chicken tender, home fries and toast.

$9.50 Huevos Rancheros

Two eggs encrusted on tortillas, topped with cilantro salsa and melted cheddar cheese. (Add sausage or bacon $2)

$9.50 Chilaquiles

Tortilla chips cooked with cilantro salsa, topped with scrambled eggs, pico de gallo, sour cream and queso fresco. (Add sausage or bacon $2)

$13 Chicken & Waffles

Fluffy Belgian waffle served with three of our panko crusted chicken tenders, butter and maple syrup. Served with home fries.

$12 Spinach Benedict

Toasted Bagel with spinach, poached eggs & hollandaise sauce. Served with home fries.

$11.50 Coco Loco

Toasted bagel with cream cheese, bacon, poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Served with home fries.

$8 Breakfast Sandwich

Egg, cheese, tomato, and your choice of meat on a potato roll. Served with home fries.

$8 5 Cheese & Bacon Grilled Cheese

Sliced fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and green basil, seasoned with salt and olive oil.

$9 Classic B.L.T.

Classic bacon, lettuce and tomato on Texas Toast served with home fries.

$11 Kathy Romano Wrap

Grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella cheese, guacamole, and chipotle cream, all wrapped in a honey-wheat tortilla and served with a side salad drizzled with Dijon vinaigrette.

$11 Cheese Burger

Choose between cheddar, provolone, American or Swiss. Served with fries.

FREE Toppings Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickles, or Jalapeño Peppers.

Additional Toppings 75¢ Each Bacon, Avocado, Onion Rings, or Guacamole.

$5 KIDS Little Root

One golden pancake or one French toast, one slice of bacon or sausage, and one egg cooked your way.

$5 KIDS Grilled Cheese

American or cheddar cheese with fries.




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