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Sweet Josie

Brown Ale - American

6.1% ABV • 26 IBU • Lonerider Brewing Company

As strong-willed as she is seductive, Sweet Josie knows how to draw you in then bring you to your knees. This American brown ale is a complex beer balancing a nice hop bitterness with a generous amount of chocolate and aromatic malts.

Panic Room

IPA - Imperial / Double

8.3% ABV • 67 IBU • Levante Brewing Company

Piney, citrusy and earthy tones erupt from a beer crafted with eight hop varieties worldwide. The amount of hops used presents a floral aroma and potent hop bitterness that’s balanced with a residual malt finish.

Gonzo Imperial Porter

Porter - Imperial / Double

9.2% ABV • 85 IBU • Flying Dog Brewery

Gonzo is big, bold, and beautiful like the man it was brewed in honor of – Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. Flavor notes: Roasted chocolate, coffee, and vanilla malt flavors balanced with a unique hop bite Pairs with: Mushrooms; smoked meats, BBQ, and chili; hard cheese; chocolate and coffee desserts

“It never got weird enough for me.”
-Hunter S. Thompson


Pale Ale - American

5.3% ABV • 33 IBU • Carton Brewing Company

You can play boundary-pushing flavor games all you like but you should never turn your back on fundamentals. HopPun is born of playing with the most straightforward of beers- the hoppy American Pale. We push around experimental hops 06300 and HBC342 with Super Galena and Mosaic, soften the edges with a traditional pale malt bill and then tie it all together with the fruity esters of British yeast. Look for the tutti-frutti/berry side of modern hop aromatics in a pleasant drinking straightforward Pale. Drink HopPun and keep the chops sharp.

American Monastic

IPA - Imperial / Double

8.5% ABV • N/A IBU • Clown Shoes

This beer features 7 premium hop varieties and a Belgian yeast strain. From the right to wear monk robes with stars and stripes, shamelessly eat greasy cheeseburgers and unrestricted use of the selfie stick, this beer represents the freedom to explore America.

Highwater Hefeweizen


5.2% ABV • N/A IBU • Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company

This is a true to style German Hefeweizen with hints of Banana and Clove on the nose.

Does Anybody Remember Laughter?

IPA - American

7.2% ABV • 122 IBU • SingleCut Beersmiths

Dank resin galore with a heaping of sharp citrus for good measure.

Big Black Voodoo Daddy

Stout - American Imperial / Double

12.5% ABV • 74 IBU • Voodoo Brewing Company

The name says it all. BBVD is our big bad seasonal stout made with copious amounts of chocolate and roasted malts and topped off with the right amount of hops to make it taste like a chocolate bar au natural. Good to drink now or age it to award winning caliber.

West Meets East

Sour - Ale

6% ABV • N/A IBU • High Water Brewing

Ale brewed with kiwi and kumquat. Aged in wine barrels.

dream weaver

DreamWeaver Wheat

4.8% ABV • 15 IBU • Tröegs Independent Brewing

The dream begins with open-top fermentation. At high krausen, a foamy, rocky yeast head crests the sides of the fermenter releasing notes of black pepper and spicy clove. Unfiltered and cloudy with yeast, it’s slightly tart and downright refreshing.

Vital IPA

IPA - American

6.5% ABV • 65 IBU • Victory Brewing Company

The IPA style can be a powerhouse of flavors and impressions. But what is vital to you? What commands your taste and attention? We packed our Vital IPA full of fresh, crisp and fruity notes driven by whole flower American hops and robust German malts. You’ll find it bright, delightfully aromatic and complex, leaving you with dry, spicy satisfaction. Taste Victory in these flavors Vital to your senses.

Churchville Lager

Lager - Vienna

4.9% ABV • N/A IBU • Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company

Pennsylvania breweries are known for world-class lagers, and this 2013 Great American Beer Fest Gold Medal winning Vienna-style, no fuss amber lager is clean, crisp, and brewed with Munich, and Vienna malts that give it a touch of malt backbone and toast-like character. Hopped exclusively with German Tettnanger hops, it’s got enough hop bitterness to counter that malt backbone as well. Lagered for six-weeks, Churchville Lager comes in at 4.9% ABV, and is the perfect beer for a night out with friends, and family, or the holiday BBQ. Don’t be afraid to order the new ‘Lager’ in town.


Perfect 10

Faber Gin, Vital IPA, Fresh Lemon


Faber Citrus Vodka, Pama Liqueur, Lime & Pineapple

Mexican Mule

1800 Silver Tequila, Ginger Beer, Mint, Lime & Pineapple

Tropic Thunder

Faber Rum, St. Germain, Orange & Pineapple


Faber Citrus, Pama Liqueur, Merlot Red Wine, Fresh Sour Mix

Proof Old Fashioned

Bullit Rye, Proof Citrus Syrup, Orange Bitters


Glass $8 Bottle $32 Rudi Weist

Germany | Riesling

Glass $9 Bottle $38 Loire Valley Rose D’anjou

France | Cabernet de Saumur

Glass $7 Bottle $27 Bocelli

Italy | Pinot Grigio

Glass $9 Bottle $36 Ranga Ranga

New Zealand | Sauvignon Blanc

Glass $8 Bottle $32 The Chard

California | Chardonnay

Glass $6 Dona Sol

California | House Chardonnay


Glass $7 Bottle $26 Line 39

California | Pinot Noir

Glass $7 Bottle $27 Hob Nob Cab

France | Cabernet Sauvignon

Glass $7 Bottle $27 Arido

Argentina | Malbec

Glass $6 Dona Sol

California | House Merlot

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