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Since 1974, the Maman family has been providing Italian and Israeli cuisine using only the freshest ingredients. It all started when Yoram and Maria Maman had a chance encounter at a pizza shop that they bought and made the first location of Palermo’s in Blue Bell, PA, after they were married. From there, the couple and their growing family slowly expanded throughout the Montgomery County area to include pizzerias in Lansdale, Phoenixville, Royersford, and Trappe. The goal has always been to provide cuisine with a homemade taste in a comfortable environment.

Roots is the Maman family’s newest restaurant, and while it maintains the same concepts of good cuisine, comfort, and family, Roots has something different to offer its clientele than the Maman’s previous establishments. The area has seen a boom in local taprooms and breweries, but what these restaurants haven’t offered is a communal dining and drinking experience. Roots offers just that. It only features beer from breweries within two hours of its location, and tries to use all local ingredients for its cuisine.

Avi, the oldest child and only son of the Maman family, is the man behind Roots. With the support of his family, he dreamed up the concept of this restaurant. He admits it’s more elaborate than he originally dreamed–when he was younger he wanted to open his own pizza shop. This makes sense of course, as he grew up in his parents’ pizza shop, however, after the experience he gained in Colorado, Avi is ready to make his own mark in the food industry, and he wants it to be sophisticated yet welcoming. Growing up, he worked every possible position at Palermos, and says it “was the only thing I knew.” Looking back on that time, Avi says it was a lot of fun, and taught him how to interact with people. Even when he briefly saw himself being an engineer for Formula 1 cars, he was drawn back to the service industry. You could say it’s where he feels most at home.

His education in the service industry didn’t solely take place in his family’s restaurants however, and this, as mentioned previously, is what led to the conception of Roots. In his early twenties, Avi traveled to Colorado to study the restaurant scene there. He worked in some of the top restaurants such as The Kitchen, a community bistro, in Denver. The restaurant’s motto is “Community Through Food,” one that Avi agrees with. [get quote from him] During his time in Colorado, Avi took classes in wine, beer, and spirits, as well as food pairings. He also worked with sommeliers and mixologists. He plans to get a sommelier certification in the future. His experience in Colorado “secured my desire for running a restaurant.” Since then he’s been cultivating a vision for a restaurant of his own–Roots.

He chose the name to reflect his family’s values, as well as his passion and expertise in restaurants. Roots connect families, friends, and communities. Think about returning home after a trip. How comforting everything is in its familiarity. Roots wants to be a home-away-from-home for Montgomery County. It strives to be the place you come to for time with friends and family, while enjoying the best local food and drinks with a friendly and familiar staff. Avi talks about his vision for the restaurant, saying, “Roots is a place that can be approached by any clientele and feel welcome. Offering food from burgers and salads to a high end piece of fish, as well as a large selection of beers and whiskey/bourbon.”

Roots is as much a family affair in idea as in practice. The entire Maman family is working at the new restaurant. The patriarch of the family focuses on equipment and efficacy in the kitchen while the matriarch works behind the scenes, and the two daughters are currently being trained to work any position at the restaurant. Avi, of course, is the face of the restaurant. You’ll find him there everyday of the week, whether he’s welcoming and seating guests, running food and getting refills, or working in the office.

While a locally-inspired food and drink menu and a hardworking, close knit family have planted this restaurant’s roots, they can’t grow without a community. If you ask Avi, he’ll say the best part of Roots is you, the customer. You bring the element of community by bringing your family and friends to Roots. You help make this restaurant feel like a home away from home. Think of Roots as a home with delicious food and drinks where you can sit back and relax, and don’t have to worry about doing the dishes afterwards.

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Roots is a place that can be approached by any clientele and feel welcome. Offering food from burgers and salads to high end fish, as well as a large selection of beers, whiskeys, and bourbons.

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